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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dogpile???? qué es esso?

search engine banchetto...check it out!


Alan Levine's COGDOGBLOG .....We Can All Be Radio Stations....he has a nice Gliffy job on podcasting


We drove in that funky taxi and I said goodbbye to Chicago...everything went well, despite the many stops. I never slept...nothing.. and when I got here in Florence I was a zombie, flaky and
alive but cracking. In Miami we ran to the bar near our gate to watch France beat Portugal...I made the barman change from Wimbleton to the World Cup and I had a beer. All the Europeans came to watch it. As you may know Italy has won the world cup!! Last night we watched the game outside with neighbours and friends, eating pizza and drinking wine -sort of like we all did with your gang in Chicago. Everyone was ecstatic and we won with penalty kicks against France which had beaten us 8 years ago in a similar match for the big cup!!!! We all drove out to the nearest town to honk and celebrate...
now I am at home sleeping till 11 every morning due to jet lag....and gettting my house back in shape.....
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