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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


At last I found my blog here in Florida...visiting in Boca Raton at the Hilton with my family and some friends! What bliss to return to my old friend in public form and private nature.... ...this was interesting for phonetic freaks and found it in one of my groups. I have so much mail and have been trying to click some of it off while here at the hotel. Nice lounging in the sun here after so much walking in NYC and icy cold and dreary SF. Now we have a car and can be lazy, I had walked off my feet and they were sore no matter which shoe I tried. One more week of this America, seeing my parents. I saw Brenda, Nancy, Taher, Marie and now the local group of cousins here in Boca. Nice to see everyone and it has been good outside of the theft of Saverio`s truck, excavators and crane back home which were hidden in a cemetary: work in progress. Bad news and money that will be lost. Wonder how we will overcome this obstacle? Wrote some poems but they are not with me now...about the dry SF and the non-ness of it, how things have remained still there since 78 when I left for France. My life changed and tumulted. Going upstairs to our room -will probably be going to Miami tomorrow for a change. A PRESTO AND SEE YOU ALL LATER!!


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