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Thursday, February 24, 2005

good night sweet dream this is the university Moodle....I can do my course here. Now you tell me why I have 2 Moodles going for the same course! One already started- and this one is being copied and pasted from it!! So just for reference and keepsake, I am telling you what's up. ___________________________________________________________________ This is the night of good night/sweet dream, when all the illumination in your eyes just dims and you wonder why. When once you were a little girl holding mommy's hand and now you are on your own and responsible? Is that easy? Surely I am talking about mankind, Susan and children. One step out, one more door to reach, one more door to open, to push open.... all those doors we opened!! Just think about it! I remember searching for them, beams of light, and how much effort! good night lucky star ____________________________________________________________________ here's a lovely story written by Massimo Pierazzuoli, one of my Telecom Italia students A Period of my Life When I was seven or eight years old I liked to watch cowboy movies. In those movies the white Americans fought the Indians with rifles and guns. They responded with bows and arrows. There was a real war, but for a little child it was very exciting and I remember the screams and the applause when the “bad” Indian was arrested or died. Brrrrr! At that time there was no politically correct culture! And the bad guys were the Indians and some dirty whites who sold the Indians alcohol. My four year old sister didn’t like those movies and she didn’t want to see them. She wanted to watch sweet romantic movies that were very very boring for a little cowboy! So we used to argue often. Then my mother decided this way: on Sundays we would watch cowboy movies, then afterward a romantic movie. That was the period that I remember with nostalgia.


Blogger elderbob - the blog boss said...

I enjoy reading your posts very much. I hope you will continue to write into the blog over time...You are on my aggregator and I can keep up with you there.

Last year about this time, was my graduation from BAW. In fact, last February I had found out about Moodle and about Learning Times and had the idea of interviewing Martin Dougiamas the innovator behind the moodle. I think you can still see the outcome of my interest here: I think you will be able to view it without signing in, or you may have to sign in to view it. It is a bit lengthy but it gives a nice background to understand where Moodle came from and why it exists.

As far as cowboy's and indians go...I am using Moodle to create an adult educational site about a the real history of cattle drives in Texas. It's based on my blogging coverage of a re-enactment of one such trail, last year. You can still see that blog at
You can also view where I am regarding the Moodle class by going to and logging on as guest then going to Educational Vacations. You will see several modules that you maybe interested in there. This is still very much a work in progress so don't fault me for not having a completed class in place. Eventually, I hope to make this the guide for an actual live tour for people interested in real Western history and perhaps history teachers.

I have enjoyed seeing you do so well in our classes together....good luck in the future. I am sure we shall chat again.


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